NDIS Miniport Drivers

NDIS supports various basic types of network interface card (NIC) drivers. These are connectionless NDIS miniports, connection-oriented NDIS miniports and NDIS miniports with a WDM Lower Edge.

NDIS Protocol Drivers

Protocol drivers bind to an underlying miniport driver or intermediate driver that exports a MiniportXxx interface at its upper edge.

NDIS 6 Intermediate Drivers

NDIS intermediate drivers interface between upper-level protocol drivers and miniport drivers. Sample applications that might require an intermediate driver include load balancing fail over (LBFO) solutions. Typically NDIS 6 intermediate drivers are used in a mux or demux scenario with a 1-n or n-1 relationship between upper edge and lower edge.

NDIS 6 Filter Drivers

In NDIS 6 the following applications are typically not implemented by intermediate drivers any more:

Data filtering for security or other purposes, monitoring and collecting of network data statistics, etc. Such applications are implemented using NDIS 6 Filter drivers or using the Windows Filtering Platform (WFP).

We develop drivers ...

  • NIC-Miniport Drivers
  • NDIS Protocol Drivers
  • NDIS 6 Intermediate Drivers
  • NDIS 6 Filter Drivers
  • Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) Callout Drivers

... for these operating systems:

  • Windows 10-7
  • Windows Server
  • Windows Embedded