Driver developers training and consulting 
Feabhas specialise in training courses for real-time embedded developers. They run a busy public course schedule and also offer training on your site.
State-of-the-art technical training courses on embedded systems software design and development.
Training, Coaching & Engineering for Industrial Hardware and Software Engineers. For more than 33 years, MicroConsult has been a recommended partner for industrial Hardware and Software developers, providing know-how for every project phase from specification to test.
Sela international is servicing global customers in IT training, outsourcing and consulting world wide.

Hardware development
SoC in FPGA, FPGA-to-ASIC transitions, Embedded Software, Embedded Industrial/Medical Device Development, Wireless, Data Communication, EMC, Project Management and a lot more!

Software development
APP development for mobile platforms, tablets and phones. Not only training, consulting and development - but also guidance on the way to and through new technology.